Dr Reza Samvat (Chiropractor) believes that we each possess a natural inborn ability to heal and be healthy, that our state of health is a reflection of our nervous system’s ability to adapt to the changes of life and that it directly affects the choices we make. He believes this adaptation depends on how the brain integrates and makes sense of the incoming information.

Dr. Samvat's approach integrates the biomechanics/orthopaedic aspect of chiropractic care, functional neurology, applied kinesiology, and cranio-sacral therapy in assessment and treatment.

The assessments and treatments include:

●Sleep health
●Postural assessment and chiropractic adjustments
●Brain functional assessment (QEEG, functional neurological exam) and treatment (biofeedback)
●Neuromuscular skeletal integration
●Brain nutrition
●Intermittent hypoxic training (reduced oxygen- altitude training)
●Acoustic Wave Therapy (heel spur/plantar fasciitis/cellulite)
●Laser Therapy-Energetic Detoxification and chemical desensitization