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Excel Kids Program

Who is my child?

A workshop series with Dr Arini Beaumaris

Why does my child react this way? What is my child thinking? How do I create an environment to optimise my child's capacity to learn? When and how will my child respond?

We welcome you to join Dr Arini Beaumaris' four week workshop featuring her 'Excel Kids' program. This workshop will help you to understand how to adapt your parenting aproach to meet your child's unique communication needs and style. This allows a child to fully understand the message you are conveying.

'Knowing your child's way of learning and how they perceive the world enables you to personalise their 'play and learn' programs, home environments and school transitions.'

How often have you thought 'I wish my child came with an instruction manual?' Dr Beaumaris believes they actually do, but we have to know how to read it. Clues may be subtle, but can be seen on their faces, in their hand movements, in the use of their voices and eyes and also how they stand and move. This workshop series will give you a complete introduction to understanding your child and how to guide them in the best way possible.

Presented by: Dr Arini Beaumaris PhD (Moral Judgement) Masters (Human Resources Studies) Bed - Counsellor

Emily Anderson BOccThy, GCFP - Occupational Therapist, Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner

$50 per session - $100 Excel Kids Report Bookings essential as limited spaces apply.

Call reception on 07 5562 5333 or email to to book in.

Earlier Event: 31 October
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