Frequently Asked Questions


1.     How do I make an appointment at NIIM Gold Coast? 

To make an initial appointment to see Dr Taufiq Binjemain, go to ‘New Patient Forms’ under ‘Resources’ on our website and click on ‘New Patient Enquiry Form’.  This is an editable PDF meaning you can type the answers straight onto the document.  Once you have completed the form simply email it back to us at  One of our receptionists will call you within three working days to discuss an appointment booking.  For all other appointments simply call reception on 07 5562 5333 or email to


2.     How much do the appointments and treatments cost?

Please call reception on 07 5562 5333 for information on pricing. You can also find information below on our Medicare rebates and cancellation policy.


3.     Does your practice offer bulk bill consultations?

 We do not offer bulk billing due to the extensive and comprehensive nature of the consultations however Medicare rebates are available (refer to price list).


4.     Is it possible for me to have an appointment over Skype or over the phone?

Yes both Dr. Dominique Wells and Dr. Shirley McIlvenny offer appointments via Skype or phone call.  Dr. Taufiq Binjemain and Dr. Tim Bajraszewski do not offer Skype consultations however are available for appointments over the phone.  Please note that Medicare do not offer rebates for Skype or phone consultations. 


 5.     Can I email or call the Doctors after my consultation if there is something I have forgotten?

 Our Integrative GPs work full time in consultations with patients.  If you need to request a script, referral or letter, or to obtain a result or replacement pathology form, please make a short appointment with your doctor. This can be a phone appointment or face-to-face in clinic. If you need a prescription or pathology form please email reception to and this can be prepared after hours for a flat fee of $30. Please clarify in your email to reception that you’re aware of the fee.


  6.     How can I claim my Medicare rebate?

  We will take your Medicare card details and the rebate will be automatically refunded back into                  whichever account you have registered with Medicare during payment.  Please make sure you bring your Medicare card with you to your appointment and record the correct details in your patient registration form.  It may also be helpful to check with Medicare to make sure they have your address and bank account details.


7.     Can I claim private health rebates to see the Integrative GPs?

Unfortunately you cannot claim private health rebates for doctor’s appointments.  Medicare rebates however are available for doctor’s appointments including laser acupuncture.


8.     What should I bring to my appointment?

Please bring any recent test results, scans or x-rays along with you to your appointment. We will also need your current Medicare card or card details to process your rebate.


9.     Is there parking available at the clinic?

 Free parking is available in local nearby streets. We also have limited car parking under the building.  Please call reception before your appointment for the security code to open the gate. 


10.     Is there wheelchair access to the clinic?

Yes, you can access the clinic via the elevator, which will take you straight up to level one..

11.     What is Integrative Medicine?

 Integrative medicine combines conventional with evidence based complementary medicine for an integrative approach to healthcare.  The focus in on optimal outcomes in terms of patient satisfaction and wellbeing, as well as long term health improvement, prevention and treatment of disease.

 Integrative medicine encompasses a ‘whole person’ approach with a supportive and empowering patient-clinician relationship.  The integrative model focuses on the cause of illness and is well suited to the care of people with chronic conditions including cancer, heart disease, diabetes and many others. 


12.     What does NIIM stand for?

NIIM is short for the National Institute of Integrative Medicine, Australia’s leading evidence-based integrative medicine and academic research centre in Melbourne.  NIIM works to raise awareness of the benefits and role of integrative medicine in medical practice and public health through community programs, professional education, research publications and free public lectures.

 NIIM Gold Coast is backed by NIIM and any proceeds from NIIM Gold Coast support the National Institute of Integrative Medicine (NIIM) for education and research into health improvement, prevention, detection and treatment of disease.  NIIM is a not-for-profit DGR endorsed charitable organisation.