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Visionary Man, Visionary Medicine - The Story of Professor Avni Sali and Integrative Medicine by Lindy Schneider

In a medical system burdened by illness, one man has spent his lifetime demanding change.  This is the story of Professor Avni Sali AM, pioneer of lifestyle-based approaches to health and well-being, and Founder of the National Institute of Integrative Medicine.  It reveals the challenges he has encountered and the achievements in his quest for a new future for medicine - integrative medicine as the key to optimal health.

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Over the last 15+ years of practising complementary medicine, Dr Cole has found these books (some collected from her overseas travels) very comprehensive and enlightening. Categorised according to the condition the relate to, they are only a small segment of the spectrum of information available to guide one to think "outside the box" and to know there are alternatives to every health issue. Remember that Information is power so be empowered!




Energy Medicine

Hormones & Heart Disease

Mind Body Medicine


Nutritional Medicine



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