New Patients


Imagine yourself waking to a new day, full of energy and vibrancy with a clear mind, and able to achieve your highest potential in every area!

A lot of people are tired of being tired, overweight, irritable, and controlled by hormonal imbalances. Or unable to perform at the highest potential due to foggy thinking, lethargy and multiple other health issues where orthodox medicine has just treated the symptom and not dealt with the root cause of the problem. Maybe the diagnosis of heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, or inflammatory bowel disease, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, MS, parkinsons, neuropathy, adrenal fatigue has left us bereft of alternatives for health.

Claim your health back and maintain well-being using the best of wholistic complementary medicine formulated with years of experience and training. Get to the root causes of your health issues, build your immune system, address nutritional deficiencies, balance your hormones naturally, deal with any weight problems, assess and balance energy blockages with  acupuncture or laser acupuncture, all at NIIM Gold Coast.

Dr Cole explains, "In the first 25 years of my medical practice where I mainly only helped patients cope with the symptoms of their 'dis-ease' with drugs, I found this paradigm incomplete and sometimes incorrect. To change that, during the last 15 years I have been helping patients create health by addressing the underlying root causes and allowing the body to heal with atural means."

The following table is given to new patients to explain NIIM Gold Coast's philosophy in medicine. 

Orthodox Medicine
Fight disease (Medicare funded)

Short-term answers
Treat symptoms
Ignores body's potential
Often not wholistic

Complementary Medicine
Creates health (Self funded)
Nutritional medicine
Energy medicine
Hormonal medicine
Naturopathic medicine
Chiropractic medicine
Acupuncture medicine

Long-term answers
Treats root causes
Allows body to restore to highest health potentials
Wholistic approach to body, soul and spirit

What to expect

Each patient's needs vary and to establish a plan your first visit with any of the General Practitioners usually looks like the following:

  • 50–60mins
  • A full history be recorded (sometimes taken by one of our Naturopaths or a Nurse)
  • The GP's full assessment based on history, examination, pathology and other findings
  • A management plan will be developed
  • More integrative testing may be necessary (most commonly) including: live blood analysis, thyroflex, EIS, SCIO (biofeedback testing), weight management testing, allergy testing (please note, extra charges may apply for the integrative testing)


The NIIM Gold Coast Programme

Regain your health in a systematic fashion for long term sustainable benefits using Dr Cole's 10 step programme:

1. Presenting your health challenges for planning (your tailor made medically guided natural solutions)

2. Root cause of your health issues (live blood analysis, nutritional analysis, subconscious mental factors)

3. Your cells' biological function (measuring your biological age using cellular health analysis)

4. Health eating plan (fat mass analysis – how you can lose weight for life)

5. Stress management (MCP, GPMP, TCA care plans)

6. Adrenal/thyroid assessment

. Adrenal/sex hormone dysfunctions balanced (saliva results)

8. (a) PAPSMEAR OR (b) Psychological status explored

9. (a) Breast examination, start bio-identical hormones OR (b) How your thoughts effect your body

10. Stress management (NLP)


What to Bring

  • As many records of pathology (last 12 months), radiology reports, specialists reports
  • A list of any medications and supplements you may be currently using
  • Your own summary of your history and current health issues
  • An open mind and a happy heart!

Booking Fee

To confirm and secure your booking a booking fee of $75 is payable at the time of making your appointment (with this fee being deducted off of your initial consultation). If appointment is cancelled less than 48 hours prior to appointment, the booking fee of $75 will serve as a cancellation fee.

Cancellation Policy

Please give at least 48 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment. This will allow for consideration of other patients who would also like to schedule an appointment. A cancelation under 48 hours will incur a $75 cancellation fee.

New Patient Forms & Information

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